Xiance Introduction


Shanghai Xiance Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (0536jhsy.com) was established in March 2004, and is one of the outstanding members of the China Quality Association. "Xianceren" has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "integrity as the first diligence and wisdom as the strategy" to cooperate with our customers. In terms of talent training, Xiance Company has always adopted the talent strategy of talent is the first core competitiveness of the enterprise to cultivate talents and use them.

After years of unremitting efforts by Xinceren, Xingce Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. has successively cooperated with many of the top 100 enterprises in China and established a long-term strategic cooperation intention. Systemically, we have a number of professional senior consultants with registered auditor qualifications. In enterprise internal training, we use systematic diagnosis to find corporate problems, and cut into the content of the course according to the problems, in order to achieve a steady increase in corporate value.

After years of development, Xiance Enterprise Management Consulting has established branches in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Jinan, and Hangzhou to serve customers and create more value for the enterprise.

The general manager of the company Zhang Guoqiang is the first generation to understand and start the 9000 enterprise certification service. In the consulting industry, the client is called an expert industry figure. Inquiries can be found, the company has been operating for nearly 7 years, and the company has accumulated more than 1,000 corporate customer cases since its establishment.

Company scope

Enterprise certification consulting, enterprise standard consulting, business management, business consulting, ship design, ship engineering supervision, technical consulting and production license in the field of ship engineering technology, elevator installation qualification, pressure vessel manufacturing license, pressure pipeline installation license, China Classification Society, Construction Enterprise Qualification, Food Production Permit, Special Equipment Manufacturing Permit, etc.