What are the permitted production equipment for the manufacture of steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels?

First, the manufacturing license for steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels is equipped with corresponding equipment and tooling in accordance with the set production procedures.
A hot-rolled steel sheet manufacturing unit shall have a heating furnace, high-pressure water descaling equipment, a four-high rolling mill, finishing equipment, shearing equipment, flame cutting equipment (where applicable), non-destructive testing equipment (where applicable), and heat treatment equipment (where applicable) . Manufacturers of low-alloy steel steel plates for low-temperature pressure vessels and quenched and tempered high-strength steel plates for pressure vessels should also have heat treatment equipment that meets the product delivery status;
Hot-rolled steel strip manufacturing units shall have heating furnaces, high-pressure water descaling equipment, rough rolling mills, finishing mills (furnace coil mills), cooling devices, coilers, etc .;
The cold rolled steel plate (strip) manufacturing unit shall have equipment such as welding (if applicable), pickling, cold rolling (or acid rolling unit), heat treatment, and finishing;
The stainless steel plate (belt) manufacturing unit should also have equipment such as pickling, shot blasting, and solution treatment;
The quantity, accuracy level and capability of the equipment shall meet the needs of the production of licensed products.
, Key process of production and inspection of steel plate for boiler and pressure vessel
The manufacture of hot-rolled steel plates should generally include slab or ingot acceptance, cleaning, heating, high-pressure water descaling, rolling, cooling, shearing (or flame cutting), non-destructive testing (when applicable), heat treatment (when applicable), inspection and inspection And other production inspection procedures;
The production of hot-rolled steel strip should generally include production inspection procedures such as billet acceptance (where applicable), heating, high-pressure water descaling, rough rolling, finishing rolling (or furnace coil rolling), laminar cooling, coiling, inspection and inspection;
The manufacturing of cold-rolled steel plates (strips) should generally include production processes such as steel coil acceptance, welding, pickling, cold rolling (or acid rolling), coiling, heat treatment, finishing, inspection and inspection.
The manufacturing of stainless steel plates (strips) should also include processes such as pickling, shot blasting (when applicable), and solution treatment.
The above key processes do not score packages.
Boiler pressure vessel steel plate manufacturing permission marking tool
There shall be special equipment and appliances for making the license mark on the licensed product and the mark required by the product standard.
Inspection method for manufacturing license of steel plate for boiler and pressure vessel
Testing equipment
Corresponding chemical composition, mechanical properties, and gold equivalent testing equipment shall be provided according to the requirements of the billet acceptance, inter-process inspection, and factory inspection of the licensed product;
Manufacturing units producing stainless steel products shall have intergranular corrosion test equipment;
Should be equipped with corresponding sample processing equipment;
The above tests and sample processing are not included in the package.
Non-destructive testing equipment
If there is a requirement for non-destructive testing in the approved product standard, the manufacturing unit shall be equipped with non-destructive testing equipment that meets the needs of manufacturing.
measuring tools
It has measuring instruments that are compatible with the requirements of the permitted product standards (including process inspections), the types and quantities of which are compatible with the inspection items and inspection capabilities required by the products, and are verified and calibrated according to relevant national regulations.
According to "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations":
Article 75 Without authorization, manufacture and installation of boilers, pressure vessels, elevators, hoisting machinery, passenger ropeways, large-scale amusement facilities, special motor vehicles in the field (factory), their safety accessories, and safety protection devices. , Transformation, and manufacturing activities of pressure pipeline components shall be banned by the special equipment safety supervision and management department, and the illegally manufactured products shall be confiscated, and those that have been installed or modified shall be ordered to be restored to the original state or ordered to be reinstalled and modified by the unit that has obtained the license within a time limit. Impose a fine of 100,000 yuan up to 500,000 yuan; if the criminal law is violated, the person in charge and other directly responsible persons shall be responsible for the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products, the crime of illegal business, the crime of major liability or other crimes in accordance with the Criminal Law. Investigate criminal responsibility according to law.
The license for the manufacture of boiler and pressure vessel steel plates is valid for 4 years. The manufacturing, installation and maintenance unit should inform our company 6 months before the license expires. We will apply for a renewal for your company. A decision to grant or deny permission is made before the expiration of the validity period. If the validity period of the license expires without renewal, it shall not be allowed to continue to engage in related projects such as manufacturing, installation, renovation, and maintenance engineering.
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