How is the special qualification for petrochemical inspection and maintenance classified?

Petrochemical inspection and maintenance qualifications are divided into categories, projects, and levels. There are 62 items in 12 categories issued this time.
Quality, some projects are divided into different levels according to needs.
In the qualification code, "category" is expressed in uppercase English characters A, B, C, ... Q, including insurance and static equipment
Inspection and maintenance, rotating equipment inspection and maintenance, electrical equipment inspection and maintenance, instrument and control system inspection and maintenance, civil construction, etc.
"Item" is usually a combination table of Arabic numerals or lowercase English letters or Arabic numerals + lowercase English letters
As shown, such as A1, A2, A3, A4, B5-a, B5-b, B5-c, etc. are all item codes.
Categories and projects cannot cover or replace each other. The "level" is represented by Roman numerals I, II, III, etc., principle
An upper qualification can cover the scope of operations of the lower qualification.
There are two special cases in the special qualification classification of petrochemical inspection and maintenance:
(1) In the special qualification of pressure pipeline inspection and maintenance, in order to comply with the long-distance pipelines, industrial pipelines and public pipelines,
For the classification of roads, B2-GC, B2-GA, and B2-GB are used as the project codes.
(II) Among the special qualifications for the guarantee and operation of rotating equipment, Grade I can cover the operating scope of Grades II and III;
Level III is a side-by-side relationship and cannot be covered or replaced by each other.
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