Is it possible to use domestic materials for ASME certified steel stamp products?

Yes for U and S stamped products,
Base material: The material of the pressure parts must be in accordance with the requirements of ASME certification, but non-ASME materials can be
The UG-10 in the eighth volume of the first volume or the PG-10 in the first volume is re-approved to become some kind of ASME material. The process is more complicated. We don't recommend this, and domestic manufacturers of commonly used ASME materials can produce it, which is also very good. Buy, I hope that manufacturers can try to use ASME material as the material of pressure parts when manufacturing ASME steel stamp products.
Non-compressed parts can be made of non-ASME materials.
Welding consumables: The ASME code allows the use of non-ASME welding consumables.
The types of products that require AMSE certification include:
Steel rods, steel plates (thin plates, medium and heavy plates), composite steel plates, steel pipes (seamless, seam), forgings, castings, fasteners, flanges, pipe fittings (seamless, seam), structural profiles, steel strips, Brazing material
Welding materials: electrodes, wires, flux-cored electrodes, fluxes, etc .;
Semi-finished materials: round billet, billet, hollow billet, steel ingot, hot-rolled steel wire, hot-rolled steel bar, semi-finished steel strip;
Boilers, pressure vessels, etc.
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Certification license application cycle, evidence collection cycle:
I. It takes 4-6 months from the acceptance of the application to the obtaining of the certificate.
Second, the forensic process:
, Quality control document design, process document preparation
, Demonstration product manufacturing
On-site review
NCR rectification closed
Costs involved in the certification process
Review fees, public relations, hospitality fees, audits, consultant travel, consulting fees