Qualifications of urban rail transit engineering contracting companies are not classified

Qualification standard of urban rail transit engineering contractor:
1. In the past 5 years, the company has accumulated more than 5 kilometers of subway, light rail and other urban rail transit projects, and the project quality is qualified.
2. The enterprise manager has more than 10 years of engineering management work experience; the chief engineer has more than 15 years of construction technology management work experience and has a relevant professional senior title; the chief accountant has an intermediate accounting title or above.
There are not less than 300 engineering technical and economic management personnel with professional titles in the enterprise, of which there are not less than 200 technical personnel; among the engineering and technical personnel, not less than 10 have senior professional titles and not less than intermediate professional titles. 60 people.
Urban rail transit engineering professional contracting enterprise qualification enterprises have at least 15 first-level qualification project managers.
3. The registered capital of the enterprise is more than 100 million yuan, and the net assets of the enterprise are more than 120 million yuan.
4. The enterprise's annual project settlement income for the past three years is more than 500 million yuan.
5. The enterprise has construction machinery and quality testing equipment suitable for the scope of the contracted project.
Contracted project scope:
Can undertake the construction of urban subway, light rail and other rail transportation projects.