How much does CS certification cost?

How to apply for a CS food production license and the process, the main application procedures are as follows:
1 Have a business license or a notice of pre-approval of the company name;
2 There are professional and technical personnel and inspection and quarantine methods suitable for the products produced (can obtain help through consulting companies);
3 There are production conditions suitable for the products to be produced, such as the land certificate of the production plant-if there is no land certificate, the township and town where it is located must go through the formalities for certification of construction land (can be established and rectified through a consulting company)
4 There are technical documents and process documents suitable for the products produced;
5 Have a sound and effective quality management system and responsibility system;
6 The product complies with relevant national standards, industry standards, and requirements for protecting human health and the safety of people and property;
7 In line with the national industrial policy, there is no such situation as backward technology, high energy consumption, environmental pollution, and waste of resources that are explicitly eliminated or prohibited by the state from investment and construction;
8. Where there are other provisions in laws and administrative regulations, they shall also comply with them.
9. Download the "Application for Food Production License" and the "Examination Details" of the unit to which the declared product belongs on the website of the provincial quality supervision bureau. If you do not know how to download or do not know the classification of your product, please consult the local quality supervision bureau . Enterprises in Henan Province can consult me, and my username is my contact information. The application form of Henan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau is generally divided into application units and is in EXCEL format.
10. According to the requirements of the "Examination Rules", check, rectify and improve the requirements of whether your own plant, equipment, documents and materials are complete and whether the product has a test report.
11. Fill in the "Application for Food Production License" and report it to the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
12. Submissions (the materials required for the application of a CS food enterprise production license) mainly include: (1) "Food Production License Application" in triplicate (2) Business license copy or pre-approval notice in triplicate (3) Renewal enterprises need to provide a copy of the original production license in triplicate (4) Organization code certificate (copy) in triplicate; if the code certificate is not required, provide a copy of the ID of the person in charge of the enterprise Three copies (5) Production site layout drawing in triplicate (6) Process flow chart (labeled with key equipment and parameters) (7) Enterprise quality management document in triplicate (8) Product standards. If the product does not have a national standard, it is necessary to submit to the quality and technical supervision department an enterprise standard record in triplicate (9) Other information specified in the application form.
13. It is necessary to pay special attention that the cover of the "Application for Food Production License" should be stamped with the official seal of the enterprise, and the copied seal is invalid.
14. After receiving the application materials, the Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau shall, upon examination, verify that the materials meet the acceptance criteria, and notify the enterprise of the "Administrative License Application Acceptance Decision"; the application fee is 2200 (at the same time, two applications with two or more plus one plus 440 yuan, But it will greatly increase the difficulty of passing the application)
15. The Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision assigns 2 to 4 inspectors to form an inspection team to conduct on-site inspections of the enterprise. The audit time should be coordinated by the enterprise. (Generally notify the enterprise five days in advance)
16. The on-site audit is unqualified, and the enterprise should rectify quickly and reapply after two months. If the audit is qualified, proceed to the next step.
17. Seal the samples and deliver them to the inspection agency within 7 days, and issue the inspection report after completing the inspection. (The cost varies according to the product type, the national charging standard)
18. Make rectification according to the rectification items proposed in the review, and further modify and improve the application materials.
19. The Quality Supervision Bureau shall summarize and review the application materials, and the application enterprises shall wait for the issuance of certificates.
20. The whole work will be completed within 60 days, but because the company needs to carry out rectification and other work, it usually takes about 3 months.