Application for production license of friction material products

The inspection work for the production license of friction material products is undertaken by the designated inspection organization. For the list of inspection organizations and the scope of inspection products, please refer to Annex 1. According to the needs of the work, the AQSIQ is responsible for dynamically adjusting the inspection institutions undertaking the inspection of production licenses.
3 Basic Conditions for Application for Production License for Friction Material Product Production Enterprises
An enterprise applying for a production license shall meet the following conditions:
3.1 Have a business license, and the business scope covers the declared products;
3.2 There are professional and technical personnel suitable for the products produced (see Annex 2);
3.3 There are production conditions and inspection methods suitable for the products produced (see 5.2, Annex 2);
3.4 There are technical documents and process documents suitable for the products produced (see Annex 2);
3.5 Have a sound and effective quality management system and responsibility system (see Annex 2);
3.6 The product complies with relevant national standards, industry standards, and requirements to protect human health and the safety of people and property
Application and acceptance of production license for friction material products
4.1.1 When applying for a production license, an enterprise shall submit the following application materials to the provincial quality and technical supervision bureau where it is located: Application for National Industrial Product Production License. In the í░Application for National Industrial Product Production Licenseí▒, fill in the friction material and sealing products in the í░Product Categoryí▒ column, and fill in the friction material in the í░Product Nameí▒ column
Business license. Photocopy of production license (applicable to enterprises that re-apply after the expiry of the production license). A copy of the environmental protection compliance certificate issued by the environmental protection department at or above the county level or the environmental protection acceptance approval of the completion of the construction project or the pollutant discharge permit.
From the date when the provincial-level quality and technical supervision bureau makes a decision on the acceptance of a production license, an enterprise may trial-produce the product for which the certification is applied. Products trial-produced by an enterprise must pass the inspection of the inspection agency responsible for the production license product inspection, according to the provisions of this Implementing Regulations (in batches according to product standards) in batches, and be marked on the product, packaging, and instructions as "trial product" Before sale. In the case of a decision not to approve the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the enterprise shall not continue to trial-produce the product from the date of the decision.
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