What is the type inspection of special equipment for tourist sightseeing cars

1 Tourist car license A1
Review of technical documents (1) Design information
2 (2) Manufacturing, supporting parts inspection, test qualification certification data
3 A2
Prototype Inspection A2.1 Tourist sightseeing car license structure type and sign
4 A2.2 Materials of main structural members
5 A2.3 Welding quality (1) Weld appearance
6 (2) Non-destructive testing of butt welds
7 A2.4 Main Forced Structural Parts, Main Parts, Working Mechanisms, and Operating Mechanisms (1) Main Forced Structural Parts
8 (2) Main parts
9 (3) Working organization
10 (4) Operating mechanism
11 A2.5 Electrical and control system (6) Emergency power off switch setting
12 (7) Master power key switch setting
13 (8) Signal and lighting settings
14 (9) Battery Cover Space

Total Page Page Report Number:
Inspection item and its content Inspection result Inspection conclusion Remarks
15 A2
Prototype inspection A2.6 Safety protection, safety guard (1) Lifting position
16 (2) Frame number
17 (3) Steering
18 (4) Operation control and brake control
19 (5) Control symbol
20 (6) Requirements for power systems and accessories
21 (7) Protection device
22 (8) Transmission system
23 (9) Rim
24 (10) Towing hook
25 A3
Main dimension measurement Total length (mm)
26 total width (mm)
27 Height (mm)
28 wheelbase (mm)
29 Front track (mm)
30 Rear track (mm)
31 Small ground clearance (mm)
32 Distance from seat to ceiling (mm)
33 Seat pitch (mm)
34 Seat width (mm)
35 Distance from seat to front backrest (mm)
36 A4 Other items

Inspector: Date: Auditor: Date:
[Note: The inspection items and their contents are adjusted according to the specific equipment according to Annex A. The total serial number and the serial number before the inspection content, that is, the serial number with brackets "()", can be rearranged according to the content. A