What qualifications do you need to run an elevator maintenance company

It's easy to deal with the relationship. It's enough to apply for a good sales license. However, the maintenance also requires the local quality supervision bureau to obtain the elevator maintenance qualification certificate, which is divided into three levels: A, B, C, and C. To work on maintenance. As long as the maintenance staff has an elevator maintenance operation certificate, they must go to the local special equipment inspection institute to study and obtain the certificate.

Elevator qualification level, level A can be manufactured, installed, maintained, and transformed, level B can be installed, maintained, and transformed, and level C can be installed, maintained, and upgraded. Report to the Technical Supervision Bureau and be reviewed by the Special Inspection Institute There are a lot of assessment contents, such as the number of licensees, the amount of elevator installation and maintenance, and various elevator installation, maintenance, maintenance, safety, and system information.