UL Certified Factory Inspection

The UL regional inspector in China contacted the production factory for the initial factory inspection (IPI). The inspector inspected your products and their parts in the production line and warehouse inventory to confirm whether the product structure and parts are Consistent with the tracking service rules, if required by the rules, the regional inspector will conduct a sighting experiment. When the inspection results meet the requirements, the applicant is authorized to use the UL mark.
After IPI, inspectors will visit the factory from time to time to check the product structure and conduct eye-witness tests. The frequency of inspections is determined by the product type and production volume. Most types of products are inspected at least four times a year (the cost of tracking services is not included in the test cost). The inspector's inspection is to ensure that the product continues to comply with UL requirements. Please inform UL before you plan to change the product structure or components. For minor changes, UL does not need to repeat any experiments. UL can quickly modify the tracking service details so that inspectors can accept such changes. When UL believes that product changes affect its safety performance, it needs to apply for re-submission of samples for necessary testing.
Certification review
Before the first batch of UL-certified products are shipped, they must be sent to the factory for inspection by the local provincial and provincial China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau (CCIB) authorized by UL. Follow-up inspections are conducted every year.