Air purifier companies apply for CQC certification

The air purifier CQC certification is a voluntary product certification, but companies applying for CQC certification have greatly improved their product quality:
1. The air purifier products have passed the CQC certification, which indicates that the company's products fully meet or exceed national or industry related standards, which greatly improves the company's image and product quality.
2. Many types of air purifier CQC certified products are components. If the company's products have passed CQC certification, the customer's complete machine product does not need to repeat random testing when it is finished product certification. On the one hand, test costs can be saved, and on the other hand, test risks can be reduced.
Xiance Company specializes in consulting such as product CQC certification, special equipment certification, and enterprise certification. It has successfully obtained certificates for more than 1,000 enterprises. The products of the certified enterprises have improved their competitiveness and market share. We serve the company better in the spirit of integrity and diligence, and achieve a win-win situation.