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Quality comes from professionalism, professionalism comes from the intention to provide the most professional indoor formaldehyde treatment service

Baoding Najia Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Najia Environmental Protection), located in Fuxing Middle Road, Baoding District, is an air purification enterprise specializing in air pollution control after interior decoration. .

In the course of the company's development, Najia Environmental Protection adheres to the international advanced formaldehyde management and management model, gathers a large number of industry elites with lofty spirit, introduces international advanced indoor air detection instruments, and addresses the formaldehyde emission problems of various forms of formaldehyde pollution sources. Develop and produce targeted formaldehyde treatment products to effectively achieve the best results of formaldehyde treatment.

Naga Environmental has inherited the historical aspirations of legendary brands and is determined to become an international first-class indoor air purification expert.

Since its establishment, Naga Environmental has been focusing on the core concept of formaldehyde-free homes. It has continuously explored innovation and breakthroughs in product use, construction technology and concepts, and has continued to make improvements in four aspects including environmental protection, user rights, employee health and substrate protection. To enhance the content and depth of formaldehyde-free home. Its heavy innovation and "formaldehyde-free home" culture that fits the development of the times has given Najia environmental protection brands a strong vitality, and has injected new vitality into the indoor air purification treatment industry, becoming an innovative force in China's indoor air purification industry and well received by the market. welcome.

Developed targeted formaldehyde treatment products for different formaldehyde release substrates

"Polymer Polymerization Technology" develops targeted formaldehyde treatment products for different formaldehyde-releasing substrates. The adsorbed formaldehyde molecules on the substrate surface and the bound formaldehyde molecules in the substrate are affected by heat and high temperature conditions. The formaldehyde treatment agent reacts with it to decompose the bound formaldehyde molecules with signs of volatilization in the substrate, thereby decomposing them into carbon dioxide and water. Under the complete package, an infusible and non-melting polymer is formed. The substance will exist permanently inside the formaldehyde-releasing substrate, and it will be a neutral substance permanently. Under any conditions, no secondary formaldehyde release will occur. Formaldehyde molecules in the air are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by the action of formaldehyde treatment preparations.

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