American Petroleum Institute API certification procedures, API certification processing

I. Application:
1. Determine product scope and standards for use and apply to API headquarters in the United States. The consultant and the company will work together.
2. For example: API Spec 5L 2007 pipeline steel pipe specifications
3. Apply to the US API headquarters. The application form is filled by the consulting teacher, and the company cooperates to confirm it.
4. The API headquarters in the United States accepts the application and issues a remittance slip to the enterprise.
2. System planning and improvement:
1. The consulting teacher completes the preparation and translation of the system files, and the enterprise cooperates. The application fee and the English version of the system documents will be mailed to the API headquarters in the United States.
2. The enterprise is responsible for collating and revising the drawings and process files of 2-3 products. Requires blueprints or computer drawings, and does not allow manual, white or sketches. Craft files must be typed and not handwritten. The drawing process format is correct, with editing, review, approval and numbering. The drawing number is complete, there is a change order for modification, and the file should be controlled.
3. The enterprise collects relevant equipment specifications (further review whether the selected version is the new version) in Chinese and English versions for use in the field audit.
4. The consultant provides the Chinese and English versions of the selected version for on-site review.
5. The consultant instructs the enterprise to complete various regulations and operation instructions.
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Document review
1. After receiving the remittance slip for the application fee from the API headquarters, the company remits the English version of the system documents and application fee to the API headquarters.
2. API Headquarters received documents and application fees, started document review, and feedback to the enterprise on the revision of documents.
3. The consultant's opinion on API review will be revised until the document review is passed.
Fourth, site audit
1. After the document review is passed, the enterprise will get an approval number.
2. The consultant instructs the company to conduct a trial run, and the company prepares various record forms, at least the first 4 months of records.
3. To produce 2-3 batches of API products, from the contract to technical documents, materials, various experimental records, production records, etc. must all meet the requirements of API related standards.
4. The enterprise has prepared various procedures, control records and inspection records for outsourcing.
5. According to the standards selected by the API, prepare all the factory inspection records and various labeling requirements.
6. Before using the API logo, enterprises must not use this logo, or they will violate regulations.
7. The consulting teacher contacts the API headquarters to determine the on-site audit time and auditors, and prepares for the audit.
V. Rectification of unqualified items
1. Prepare various signs on site;
2. Each department prepares its own materials for review;
3. After passing the on-site audit, the consulting teacher is responsible for guiding the enterprise to rectify the unqualified items, translate them into English and mail them to the American API headquarters.
Six, issuing a certificate
After receiving the on-site audit fee remittance notice issued by the API, the company remits the fee to the API headquarters in the United States, obtains a certificate issued by the API headquarters in the United States, and officially approves the use of the API logo.