Dagang Oilfield's oil pump products have obtained API certification

On July 14th, the reporter learned from Dagang Oilfield that the API certification certificate of the pump was delivered to the local area, marking that the company's products have obtained access to the international market.
API is the English abbreviation of American Petroleum Institute, and is a petroleum machinery certification body recognized by the US Department of Commerce and the US Trade Commission. Petroleum machinery and equipment with API certification are recognized by the world as reliable and advanced.
In February 2012, the company established a quality management system according to API Spec Q1, implemented API certification, and conducted raw materials, production and processing lines, product inspection, product testing, and product testing in accordance with "API Spec 11AX-2006 Underground Rod Suction Pumps and Accessories". Measurement and testing equipment and other process control. In August 2013, the API auditor conducted a rigorous review of the pump, and completed the review on March 8 this year, and successfully passed the API certification on March 31. At present, the company has formed 11 series of oil pump products such as full-tube oil pumps, sand control pumps, thick pumps, suspension (reinforced) pumps, inclined well pumps, etc., with annual production of more than 2,000 oil pumps of various types, which can meet the needs of oil development Complex well conditions are required.
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